Yo, My name is Charlie. I'm a videographer from Devon, England. My original home was next to a small surfing town and I lived right next to the beach which was an amazing place to grow up. I'm currently living in London studying video editing although I'm interested in many aspects of filming and especially in documentary. I don't really know where my life is heading which is scary although exciting (although more scary).

I would describe myself as a shy extrovert. Random, I know although It's always confused me too. I mean love people and I find people so interesting although I always feel like people are judging me or laughing at me when they really aren't.

I want to explore. I'm a strong believer in that we have our life and that's it. When we are gone, we are gone. Why not try to experience as much as possible while we are still here. I've never been interested in getting rich or famous as long as I'm happy then life is good.

Charlie Colwill